nrichmedia will help you succeed on the web.

Imagine a web site that wows your clientele and gives you a sense of pride every time you see it. Imagine a web site that works hard for you even when you are sleeping or spending time pursuing other dreams. Imagine working with a green design company that creates dream web sites for socially and environ-mentally conscious businesses and strives in every way to give back to their community, just as you do.

Now, imagine that this same green web design company has an impeccable design style, a sense of humour AND is intent on creating a web site that incorporates your company vision and aesthetic.

That company is nrichmedia.

At nrichmedia we have a small but talented team devoted to greening the web. We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your vision for your eco web site. We help you every step of the way from green web hosting, picking a domain name, coming up with your dream design, setting up your social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and everything else you need to know.

We will guide you through what may feel like an overwhelming process; offering our professional and experienced advice. Whether or not you want a web site with all the trimmings (Flash, audio, video, social media, copywriting, photo galleries, e-commerce, databases, and so much more) or a simple yet sublime site for a new green business, or just want to have someone manage your web site updates: we can help you with all your web needs, great or small. Interested?

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Doing a stand out job.

Standing outnrichmedia stands out in the jungle of web design companies because of our attention to design details, our contemporary programming expertise, our search engine optimization techniques and, most importantly, our fabulous customer service. I know, it sounds like we are tooting our own horn but we are truly grateful to have such great clients that like to tell us how much they enjoyed working with us.

nrichmedia understands your eco business and green philosophy, and we can translate that into a unique web site that will get picked up by search engines, impress potential and existing clients, and achieve the results that you're seeking, whether that is in the form of information distribution or increased sales.

We've been designing unique, green web sites for ethical organizations such as eco-architects, green designers, holistic health professionals, counsellors, yoga studios, producers of environmentally friendly and eco-conscious products, artists, musicians, social issue marketers, and non-profit associations for over a decade.

A great deal of thought and planning was involved in creating Balanced Paws Veterinary Care. From the name reflecting balanced health, and the facility having a clinic atmosphere with a spa-like feel, we needed our website to reflect all of our goals and essentially who we are. nrichmedia captured exactly what I wanted. The website has the right balance of pictures, testimonials and information. They even went to the trouble of using the same colours we selected for the clinic. nrichmedia was professional, extremely competent, and creative; I highly recommend them. The website says it all!

- Dr. Heather Matheson, Owner, Balanced Paws Veterinary Care, Courtenay, BC

Community karma.

We care about our community, local and global, and are happy to put our money where our values are. In order to do our part in making the world a better place we promote ethical and socially responsible businesses and non-profit organizations online. We also make it a point to donate 3% of all proceeds (on projects of $1,000 and above) to charitable causes.

We can work with you anywhere! You don't have to live on beautiful Vancouver Island because we think and work globally. We create green web sites and other promotional material for clients all over the world. You can contact us by email or by telephone, at 250.871.7424.

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nrichmedia works with eco businesses and organizations. These include LEED certified architects, green builders, health centres, eco resorts, yoga studios, organic food producers, farmers markets, counsellors, healing professionals, musicians, artists, hand-made bath and beauty products, safety programs, green technology innovators, foundations and non-profit organizations.

nrichmedia is located in Courtenay (in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island), British Columbia, Canada, and thinks and works globally! Thanks to the Internet, we're able to create web sites and other multimedia for clients all over the world. You can contact us by email or by telephone, at 250.871.7424.

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